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Isratec Asia aims at being a home for leading technologies and brands from Israel, Europe, USA and Latin America in Asia, primarily in China. At this stage, Isratec Asia focuses on Technologies in the fields of Agriculture and Medical appliances from Israel, accompanied by a few consumer Brands.
Isratec Asia strives to have sole representation for these technologies and brand to Asia; our team builds and develops the distribution chains, facilitates and supports their entry into market and follows their growth.
Isratec Asia is a unique entity in a market of plenty Business development operations but very few who take the given technologies 鈥渋n-house鈥 as we aim to do.
Isratec Asia provides, firstly, a reliable and honest platform. Many Israeli technologies do not enter the Chinese market for the lack of a reliable platform. The founders of Isratec Asia; Mr. Jackie Eldan, ex-Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, together with Mr. Maurice Ohana, the President of The Jewish Communities in Shanghai, provide a thrust worthy platform to companies and brands who wish to enter enter Asia and China in asecure and structured fashion.
The experience accumulated in Isratec Asia, the knowledge, existing network and understanding of the rules of engagement and norms, gives Isratec Asia a clear advantage.    

Tech & Brands

Isratec Asia aims at getting Top-Notch technologies from Israel into infrastructure, agriculture, water and environment projects in Asia, with preference to China. We tailor fit the needed technology into a given project, using the best brand existing in the market in Israel. Agriculture - 聽we co-operate with leading companies in Israel for greenhouse technologies, irrigation and fertilisation, seeds and seed-engineering, flowers and seedlings. Animal Husbandry聽- cattle and lactic (cows for milk).聽聽We cooperate with the leading brands in Israel and are able to tailor make projects upon demand and suitability. Waste management - Isratec asia is a secure channel for the entry of waste management technologies from Israel into Asia, with preferential platforms in China that combine local government, research centres and training programs. Water - Israel is one of the leading powers in the world today in this field. Isratec Asia pays special attention to technologies related to creating water resources, managing water resources, dealing with waste water and recycling water. We aim at bringing the best technologies from Israel into projects in China, co-operating with the leading companies and developers in Israel. Medical Devices - we aim at bringing "state-of-the-art" technologies into hospitals, clinics and health facilities in Asia, facilitating required permits, meeting regulations and 聽tailor making necessary training programs Smart City solutions - Israel excels in command centres and control centres designed to create a management tool for city leaders and a safer and nicer city for the population, at Isratec Asia we co-operate with city governments in China, helping plan and implement 聽new projects within municipalities, bringing Israeli technologies in this fields, creating safer and smarter environments. If you are in need of a given solution for your project, please do contact us at info@isratecasia.com and we will provide the right technology for you, If you are an Israeli company with a unique technology and seek a secure channel to projects in Asia, please do contact us at info@isratecasia.com
Isratec Asia is also a home for elite consumer commodities and brands from Israel, under the guide-line of "live healthy and eat healthy" . We aim at bringing into Asia a few of Israel's unique and healthy foods. Our first product introduced into China is the famous Israeli Majhoul Dates, providing a healthy substitute for Chocolate and candy, an energy supplement and a nice treat. To keep a healthy and balanced diet it is recommended to consume 3 dates a day. Our Majhoul dates are introduced to Chinese consumers through our co-operation with EldanGroup, growers of Majhoul Dates in the region of "The Dead Sea" in Israel. Majhoul dates from the dead sea region are considered to be the biggest, sweetest and healthiest of all Majhoul dates. We are currently engaged in negotiations to get on-board a few more consumer eatables from Israel, if you are an Israeli producer and would like to be assisted by us to introduce your products in China - Please contact us at info@isratecasia.com  


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  • Signing ceremony with WEZ Nov. 2013

E-mail: info@isratecasia.com
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